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Flip the Script (2014 - 2018)
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Web Series

A three season web series about the misadventures of film students at RIT. While James attempts to put together his first serious solo film project, Kevin wants to go on zany quests and raid college parties. Will monsters, drugs, food poisoning, and life goals tear this film crew apart? Pfffft. Get a grip.


Flip The Script is founded by truth, utilizing the actors true names and mannerisms within the scripts and plot lines.

Starring: James Abrams, Kevin Cosgrove, Paolo Orso, Michael Abbott, Patrick Hogue, Emily Kordovich, Jack Beck, Ramon Vasquez, Lacie Kraich, Jill Lanesse, Tim Fraher, Sophia Gardner, Jacob Mallin, Levi Davis III, Elijah Khey, Nick Mailhot, and Nick Love

Behind the Scenes of Flip the Script  in Rochester, New York.

Photographs by: Cast and Crew

Flip the Script