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CHS Alumni Photo Shoot 2018

This photo shoot brought together the majority of collaborators on every

Caramel Hippo Studios Production since James began at RIT's School of Film and Animation in 2014.

Click on the images below to learn more about this incredible team of people.


From Left to Right: Sarah Alexander (Grip/Gaff), Kevin Villafuerte (Director of Photography), Michael Abbott (Actor, Editor), Lloyd McCullough (Lead Photographer), Dan Chase (Camera Team), Ethan Koval (Actor), Paolo Orso (Actor), Mackenzie McCreery (Actor), Zac Cupec (Actor), Brynn Wilkins (Actor), Jarryd Jackson (Actor), Patrick Hogue (Actor), Lilith Finley (Actor), Elliot Gilchrist (Producer, Actor), Nick Love (Sound Team, Actor), James Abrams (Producer, Director), Joshua Jarema (Actor), Sophia Gardner (Actor), Tara Gordon (Makeup and Hair), Kevin Cosgrove (Writer, Actor), Kevin Zampieron (Designer, Composer), Kristina Carucci (Actor), Ramon Vasquez (Sound Team, Actor), Nate Bellavia (Camera Team)


From Left to Right: Ryan Barclay (Actor), Mike Yaeger (Sound Designer), Ryan, Kayleigh and Chloe Barclay (Actress), Biz and Aaliyah LaChance, (Actors), Kevyn Harris (Sound Designer), Jacob Mallin (Cinematographer), Dan LaTourette (Assistant Director), Mike Yaeger (Sound Designer), Chris Lorence (Visual Effects, Actor), Susan Aser (actress, locations manager), James Abrams (Producer, Director), Reuben Van Hoeve (Assistant Director), Tyler Aser (Actress), Brian Barrett (Actor), Ricky Hopkins (Actress), Brandon Rall (Actor), Nick Mailhot and Axyl (Promotional Photographer, Actor),  Jack Beck (Actor, RIT Professor)

In absentia: Che Holloway (Actor), Jessica Bell (Actress), John Yost (Producer), Riki Mistry (Composer), Mike Freeland (Actor), Nicole Schiff (Actress), Abby Prem (Actress), Andrew Sevigney (crew), Hannah Hackett (Visual Effects Director), Ambarien Alqadar (Advisor),  Lacie Kraich (Actress)

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